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Flank Sandwich


Last Friday, Mandi was away and I had a friend coming over to play Mario Kart before we headed out for the night. I wanted to throw something simple on the grill, but I also wanted something awesome. Not just a steak or burger, something a little different. The idea hit me at about 3pm out of nowhere and I ran with it.

Flank steak is awesome. And cheaper than most cuts. It looks like a lounge chair in this picture. Which I would sit in.

I threw in here whatever I had around the house I believe it is olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, honey, garlic, scallions and salt and pepper. Keep it moving since the steak isn't covered.

Roast a red pepper by putting it under the broiler and flipping it until it looks burnt on all sides. You can get a jar of roasted red peppers, but I like the flavor of doing it yourself. I then put it in a small brown bag and shove it all into a zip lock and let it sit for a good half hour. This helps the skin peel right off.

After the Steak sat in the marinade at room temperature for about an hour, I put it on a medium-hot grill. I do about 9 minutes a side.

Here is the pepper after the bag treatment. Notice the skin falling away.

Some horseradish.

In a blender with a dollop of sour cream. Dollop?

I think I'm ready for a throwdown.

Make sure you cut this steak in thin strips AGAINST the grain. That is the most most important thing when using flank steak. If you do it right, it will fall apart in your mouth.

This was the only ciabatta they had at the store. I had envisioned bigger ones, but it def needed a ciabatta so at least they had some at all. We had 3 each because they were small.

Spread some of the roasted pepper/horseradish on the bottom of the bread.

Next some arugula.

Then 2 slices of the steak.

A little gruyere.

Wow. These were awesome. And REALLY easy. I feel like the smaller sized bread added a certain elegance to the sandwich. I could see these being passed around on trays at an upscale event. Roasted red peppers, arugula and steak are one of my favorite flavor combinations and you will probably see me doing it often.


I made this the other night. It was delicious. The arugula really rounded out the sandwich nicely. The only thing I changed was yogurt instead of sour cream and a splash of lemon juice. I think my sauce was lighter and a little tangier to contrast the arugula's nuttiness. Thanks for the idea. I love your site.

You know you just made Fajitas right?

I love flank steak and horseradish. I just won a panini press, so I'm thinking this sandwich (with the greens added after pressing) would be perfect for it.

Fajita? Jem, you make strange fajitas.

That looks so good! I will definitely try that! Especially that roasted pepper/horseradish. I really laughed when I read, that they only had "small" ciabattas. I'm from Germany and The Ciabattas look peferctly fine to me :-) I lived in the States for a year so I know that Americans are used to way more bigger stuff.
By the way, I "stumbled" across this blog (?) trough the Smartphone App "StumbleUpon"!

mmm oh know i cant take it no more my mouth is watering i cant help it.

Looking at your pictures made my mouth water :)

Nice sandwich. Thanks for the reminder to cut against the grain, something as simple as that can make the difference between great sandwich and chewy monstrosity.

I love this sandwich I make this quite often and both of my sons cant get enough. thanks...

That looks incredible. I agree on the red peppers. The jarred kind just don't measure up to a freshly roasted pepper. Great post.

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