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Breakfast Pile


I haven't put any breakfast posts up, but in my interview I mentioned that breakfast is my favorite meal to cook. I think this is because it is very relaxing to me. There are no cameras around, it is a weekend morning, and I am in relaxation mode making an omelet for Mandi or a few egg sandwiches before heading to the beach. I decided to put some of my favorite breakfasts up here. They are all very simple, nothing crazy or innovative, and most involve eggs. Today we have the infamous "breakfast pile." I'm sure everyone has made this before. A big pan of scrambled eggs with any and everything breakfast related mixed in. Make no mistakes; this meal is made for hangovers. This is the perfect breakfast for when you don't feel so good when you wake up, but you have plans for the day that need to be carried out. The breakfast of champions. It is also helpful to have a lot of leftovers in the fridge.

The most important thing when making the breakfast pile is that it's not a recipe, it is an order of operations. Similar to the FOIL method when learning math (first, outer, inner, last), there is a breakfast pile method I like to call the VEMCH method (Veggies, Eggs, Meats (cooked), Cheeses, Herbs). Once you own this method, you can put whatever you want in here.

Here I diced up some potatoes. I usually like the skin on, but I was too lazy to wash these today so I just peeled them.

As you can see, the V to my VEMCH is potatoes, onions, and peppers. Season the potatoes well. I used cracked pepper, salt, and cayenne but you can use whatever you want.

They need to be dry to get some nice color, but take out insurance and give them a nice flour coating.

Put them into a very hot pan with some olive oil.

Wait a few minutes and add the other veggies.

When the veggies are cooked to your liking, (taste a potato) add the E, or eggs. You should have cracked all of your eggs (3 per person) into a large bowl about 15 minutes ago so they could get room temp. You did that right? It's also so that you're not cracking eggs one by one into the pan getting shells everywhere and letting the first ones overcook. You should beat the eggs in the bowl until they are nicely mixed. Dump them in the pan and season with salt, pepper and cayenne.

Keep the eggs moving.

All your mise should be in place at this point because you have to move quickly. You don't want rubbery overcooked eggs. This is bacon and sausage, and some cilantro for fun.

A little leftover taco meat never hurt anyone.

Dump the meats when the eggs are 50% done.

Add the cheese when the eggs are 70% done.

Add the herbs right after that and remove from heat. Yes the eggs might seem only 80% done, but they will be finished by the time they reach the plates.

Kyle was so excited he needed a picture for himself.

After we ate this, we did a triathlon, then went waterskiing and hit the gym up after. Then we played beach volleyball, had a sack race, and made it to the semi finals on "So You Think You Can Dance?" Then we hosted a beach party that night which included a killer game of Crisco twister.

Thanks for coming Kelly and Kyle!! I had a great time and was soo worn out I slept 11 hours last night.


I just got webmarshalled trying to look up that killer game of crisco twister. Heh. Thanks a lot Dan!

its just a minus the bear video on youtube of the song of the same name

Wow! that looks very nice....keep up the good work

Hey this was plenty good! I substituted tater tots since my wife used up the last of the potatoes last night...would have been way better with real pototoes.

Just have to say, I've made this recipe (or variations based on my fridge contents) and I absolutely love it! Totally changed the face of "splurge" breakfasts at my house. SO good!

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