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Tacos. Almost every week since college I have eaten tacos on Thursday night. At one time it was much simpler. Taco kit, jar of salsa, bag of cheese, some pre washed/cut lettuce, and call it a day. As the years went by, we swapped out the pre made ingredients one by one to get where we are today. Trade a jar of salsa to bought fresh salsa to actually making salsa. Go from the taco seasoning packet, to half the packet and some of your own spices, to fully using your own blend. This obviously is a very American version of tacos, tune in Monday and I will post a more authentic Mexican version of tacos we actually made last night!

The Thursday night tradition may have started in college when we used to go to an all you can eat taco bar at Iguana Cantina in Waltham every Thursday from 10 - 12pm. Those were the days! Free all you can eat tacos and all you had to do is buy one beer! Of course we would buy 7 each and the restaurant would make its money back. But who cares it was so delicious.

Salsa and Guacamole ingredients laid out. Chopping is like therapy for Mandi. It is how she winds down after work on a Thursday night.

This was actually the first time I used my camera so I was taking artistic shots. I'm going to be making some of these into wallpapers to be posted sometime next week.

We sweat down some onions and chiles to cook with the beef.

Our friends are getting hungry

The way we cut the lettuce is important. Shredded.

We like to use a can of chipotles in adobo, but if I can't find them that day, we have this in the cabinet in case. It is pretty good.

Everything laid out and ready. Oh yea - that jar of salsa is for our friend who doesn't like fresh salsa. He also doesn't like cheese.... And thats his orange juice, yes plain OJ with Tacos

Mandi makes a crazy double cheesy crunchy.

Next we wrap it in a Chicago style deep dish meat lover's pizza. Pizza! Now that's what I call a taco! TACO TOWN!!!

I go the more traditional route.


10 Tomatoes diced
2 JalapeƱos seeded and diced
One onion diced
Cilantro chopped
Half a lime
Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Its all up to you as far as proportions go.


5 avocados - you should be able to squeeze them and feel the fruit give a bit, but not too much
Peel and dice them, then smash them up. Add a squeeze of lime and a few spoons of the salsa.

Taco beef
Its good to have leftovers, we usually do 2lbs

2lbs ground beef. I usually mix chuck and sirloin.
Half an onion, maybe more. diced
1 jalapeƱo diced.
Can of Chipotles in adobo
Beer or tequila (optional)
Mexican chile powder
Salt and pepper

Sweat onions and jalapenos in a tiny tiny amount of oil. Add beef and brown. Once fully cooked, drain fat. Return to pan and add half can of beer or a shot of tequila, I only do this if I have some around, but I usually do. Add some water. Bring to simmer. Add all the spices, I have no idea how much, its more of a tasting game. I would say about 2 of the chipotles and some of the sauce, and more cumin and chile powder then paprika and cayenne. And just a little oregano. Does that help?


there are no words to describe by delight in this post.

just kidding, i've got a few: guacamole rules. homemade tacos are best. the spicier, the better.

thanks for the awesome eye-candy. :)

Oh man that puts free taco night to shame...good eats!

^For real B

It makes me sad thinking how we use a Taco Kit, Jar Salsa, Store-bought packaged ingredients for everything...

I can't wait to have home-made fresh ones...

and I make a killer Double-Decker - way more cray cray than Mandi's!!!

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