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As I was making these meatballs, I was a bit worried about posting the recipe. My mother told me the recipe, as my grandmother had given it to her. I didn't know if there was some sort of embargo or block on passing it out for all to see. Would I be blacklisted by my family and never given any recipes again? No more Gnocchi secrets or Lasagna tips? No more making tortellini's for the holidays? I didn't know what to do. Then last night I was watching Molto Mario (Re-Runs on fine living!) and the weight was lifted! Mario made meatballs almost the exact same way as my family! This did 2 things, for one, it made me proud because Mario is as authentic as you can get for Italian food, and 2, it released the ban on the recipe because it is no secret, its already out there for the world to see via Mario Batali.

We were making sandwiches with these meatballs, so we took out some leftover sauce and dough balls from the freezer. You can buy some nice crusty bread for this but PLEASE make your own sauce! The one we are using is leftover pizza sauce from this post (you can even see me putting it into the same pickle jar in the post). Even if you just open a can of tomatoes and put it in a pot with some garlic and oil, it will be much better then most jarred sauces.

When the dough thawed, we put it out to rise. We were unsure if it would actually rise but it came out pretty good. This dough is also a leftover. This time from the cheeesteak post.

Wash the parsley. We don't have a salad spinner, but this works better anyways.

The sauce has thawed

All the ingredients are ready. I can't tell you exact amounts because there is no science, but if you put all these ingredients in a bowl something good is bound to come out. Then do it a few times and each time you will get to know the amounts a bit better.

This is what I always thought was the secret ingredient, but Mario sure enough used wet bread too!

You can't really tell from the picture, but this bread is very wet.

Mix, but don't over mix!

This is my preferred meatball size.

The Rolls came out great. Look at that cavity structure. Mmmm awesome.

My mother has always broiled the meatballs. Just brown the tops then flip them and brown again. Mario browned them in a frying pan.

What they did have in common is letting them sit in the hot sauce for awhile before serving.

Oh yea we made some fries too. Just a frozen bag

Not many places break up the meatballs in a sandwich. It's the way to go. Seriously. Don't you hate getting a huge meatball chunk in a meatball sub, then not having any in the next bite? Or what about them falling right out? It's the worst. Break up your meatballs people!

Provolone on the bottom, Mozzarella on the top.

That's the perfect amount of burn. Not to brag or anything.

This was a good lunch

To save some, put in the freezer separately for a half hour, then put them in a zip lock.

There is nothing more comforting then having a bag o' meatballs in the freezer.


About 50 / 50 of ground beef and ground turkey
Wet bread

Put in as much of each thing as you want, refine it to your tastes. Don't over mix. Broil until browned on each side, flipping after the first side is browned. Freeze when cooled or put in sauce on low heat for a half hour before serving.




Nice job on the meatballs Dan! I still love you!! The only problem is everyone will make them now.

Hey Dan, I made Spaghetti and Meatballs today for all of Eddie's family. The only problem was that my oven broke and I of course freaked out, but none the less made them in the fry pan and although not as pretty VERY tasty! Thanks!!

Just finished eating these! They turned out great. I had to cook them a little longer than you said, but from your photos, it looks like I made my balls bigger than your balls...

Thanks for the inspiration, and in this case, simplifying something that others over complicate.

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