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Chicken Pot Pie


With the warm weather and summer feeling here in Bermuda, It may seem odd that I am making chicken pot pie. There are however 3 main reasons for making it. 1. We needed to re-up on chicken broth in the freezer and pot pie is the perfect thing to make the day after making broth. 2. It is still a bit cold in Massachusetts where most of my friends live so they can make this. And 3. We got a cool new knife rack for the kitchen and we needed Gareth to help hang it for us. Having concrete walls, it is tough to hang everything and Gareth can do it easily. He always asks us for things like chicken pot pie, shepherds pie, and bangers and mash, so we thought it would be a good way to get him over and help us.

We started making the stock way earlier that day.

You have to make sure to wash your leeks a lot because dirt gets all up in there.

We had to move the party into 2 separate pots because we don't have a big one.

Lots of skimming of impurities.

Chicken looking great

Strained the stock and combined it.

Then reduced together for a bit longer.

Mandi picked the chicken to get the pot pie meat ready for later.

This is for the biscuit topping for the pot pie. We like biscuity better then pastryish. Here Mandi is prepping the dry ingredients.

And here are the wet

This is shortening.

Some of the stock is still on the heat reducing.

Since we don't have individual baking containers, we just cut the biscuits out and put them on top of the large baking dish. If you had individual ones, it would be cool to seal them up nicely with the topping.

Now starting on the filling

Flour to thicken BEFORE adding the stock

We added some dried thyme. Be sure to squeeze it to wake it up before using.

This is after adding the frozen peas and corn.

When we have people over, we force them to watch food network. They look like they are enjoying it, right??

This is me trying to look in the oven window to see our new thermometer.

The thermometer is great! I learned that it takes our oven way longer then I thought to preheat, and that it is about 25 degrees off. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I suck at baking???


And we had some nice leftovers

Here is Gareth putting up our new stuff!

This is going to save a lot of space in our tiny kitchen.

We pretty much use this recipe, minus the dill in the biscuits and editing the veggies a little.

As for the stock, put all those things from above into a pot with chicken, very gently simmer for 3 hours while skimming grossness off the top.


anyone for a banger in the mouth?

can we please talk about the screen capture of rachael ray? what a face, i love it!

i also love this recipe and the photographic play-by-play. pot pie is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, and you've created a very appetizing version. :)

sounds more like a version of chicken and dumplings :D

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