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Arugula Salad


We had a pizza party last weekend and we had a ton of leftovers. We used them in a variety of ways, one being this salad. We had the arugula leftover because we had planned a salami arugula pizza but people got full and we canceled that one. The only thing we ended up buying for this salad was the fennel.

Gathering some ingredients

Save some of that sweet sweet bacon juice

To start the dressing we used some leftover olive tapenade. Just because we had it

We added some lemon juice, salt, pepper, and dijon

Just as we suspected, it was missing something. Bacon juice to the rescue!

I thought it would be fun to put these salads on nice plates because I thought it could have been worthy of an app salad at a nice restaurant, but really it wasn't practical because we were having it as dinner, not as an app, so the plate was too small and caused me to spill a bit.

There were also a few leftover jalapeños; you can omit them if you're a wimp. And some feta. This was one of the best salads I have ever made! try it, its simple and delicious!


i was shocked by this one. we made it kinda by accident with leftovers but it was sooo tasty i'd def make it again! arugula, fennel, red onion, feta, bacon, jalapeños and a simple dressing... who woulda thunk? if you leave out the jalapeños you will regret it... YUM!

How come there is no dressing on the salads in the pictures?

Also, how is this deemed "healthy?"

Bacon Fat and Bacon on a sald somehow takes away from the "healthy" part of eating a salad.

its still a fairly healthy meal rich. a half tablespoon of bacon fat still doesn't make it as bad for you as most bottled dressings that people generally slop on their salads. Plus it's natural. the reason you dont "see" dressing is because it is lightly coating each arugula leaf.

I'm with you Rich. I'm sure it was delish, but, not healthy especially the bacon fat.

Your recipes look very interesting, but I miss seeing a list of ingredients. For example, I was checking out your LASAGNA TIMPANO recipe, and although you referred to "all three sauces" I was unable to find recipes for them, just photos of them being added. Am I supposed to use any old sauces I currently use, or did you have something specific in mind?????

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