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Happy Chicken Week - Part 2 - Taco Salad and Stock


For dinner the second night for me, and lunch the next day for both of us, I made my usual taco leftovers lunch, an awesome taco salad. If I were to make this one day and leave the house for a few hours, it would be gone, the whole huge bowl of it. Mandi likes it that much.

Here are all the gross bits in the cold water for stock.

the dark meat of the chicken from the night before all chopped up

The salad starts with a bunch of romaine or iceberg lettuce shredded into very thin strips. Add some cilantro, black beans, and corn.

The Chicken (ground beef is good too)

A ton of avocado. This is 2 big guys I think.

This is my favorite salsa ever. Isn't that right Kevin and Olivia? You can use homemade or any fresh kind, anything with an expiration date that is a week or 2 away from when you bought it. Not the jar types like Chichi's or Pace that last forever, I do like pace at times, but not here.

Dump this in the bowl, with freshly grated cheddar. I used the whole tub today but it's because I made a lot of salad. This is what makes the salad so great, also it is much better for you then standard dressings.

Mandi showed up back from work. This is my cue to get this thing in the fridge before it disappears.

With about an hour and a half left on the stock, I added the vegetables. Some onions, leeks, thyme, parsley, bay leaves, carrots, celery, and peppercorns. I think that's it. To the right is the bowl I've been skimming the impurities into.

I left the bowl in the freezer for awhile so it would be cold when I poured the stock into it. Then I put it back in the freezer for a half hour. The stock tasted delicious, but not perfect. But I have never made stock before so I thought it was pretty good considering that fact. Its still 10 times better then the canned or boxed kind. I may just cook the chicken in the water next time instead of just the bones, which works better turkey but not as good with chicken. I was just trying to save money over the week so that's why I did things this way.

Finally I split it into 1.3 cup servings. The extra is because you should bring it to a good boil just before using incase any bacteria had a chance to form before it froze. I'm all stocked up (he he he, I've been waiting to use that gem for weeks). Please disregard the unhappy chicken in the freezer, we bought it before we started the happy meats diet and we are not sure what to do with it now. Tune in later in happy chicken week to see some of my awesome uses for all this stock.


How dare you insinuate that I would eat all the salad! I have buckets of self control... ESPECIALLY with tacos and other taco-esk meals!

To get real flavor in the stock you really need to use the whole chicken. The meat will still be fine for what you are using it for. To stretch your broth and give it more taste add store broth or bullion cubes. Chicken in Bermuda though is waaaaay too expensive!

Hmm...what are those "impurities" you were skimming from the stock? It looks like flavor to me (but you weren't saving it for later). This made me realize I need to get myself all stocked up. I'm down to the last 2 cups in my freezer. My favorite way to make stock is overnight in the crockpot.
I'm suddenly craving a big bowl of homemade soup. Weird.

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