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Camera Cake


The Guest Blogger is back again today. It's Mandi, and her comments are in red.

This year for Dan's big day I decided to get him the camera he's been wanting. He's usually annoyingly good at guessing my presents but with this one I don't think he expected it at all which is fun. Probably because it's way more than we usually spend on each other for birthdays... but I knew he really wanted it and truthfully I'm just sick of hearing him moan about his crappy quality pictures for the blog! Anyway, so once I sorted out the actual camera it was time to conquer the cake...

For prep the night before I baked four cakes; two chocolate, one vanilla, and one pound cake. This gives them plenty of time to cool. Only the pound cake was for the actual camera part of the cake the others were for the base because I figured one cake wouldn't be enough for everyone. As I've mentioned before... I am NOT a baker... hence the ever-ready boxed cakes being mixed up by Bonnie. I use pound cake for the camera part because I've found that it seems to keep its shape much better.

I cut the pound cake into thirds and stacked them on top of each other. Then I covered it all with frosting and fondant I dyed black. I found that by putting a thicker layer of chocolate frosting underneath and rolling the fondant out very thin, it actually tasted much better than usual and people really seemed to like it (usually I've found people tend to remove the fondant and toss).

A word of warning: when dying fondant black, wear gloves!!! My hands were purple for hours! I pretty much had to scrub the top layer of my skin off to get the color out. But then they were red...

To do the lens part of the camera I cut 3 circles out with the cup and again, covered with frosting and fondant.

I placed some little scraps together for the side part and top area to make the shape more similar to the actual camera. The process of getting it to look camera-shaped took WAYYY longer than I had expected!!! So be sure to leave time...

And then the three cakes I had baked for the base collapsed from the weight and I stuffed them into a bake pan and slathered with vanilla frosting. Meh... I'm sure people will eat it anyway...

Gareth helped... what a nice boy...

Now since of course I had left the cake assembly until the very last minute (as I tend to do) I ran out of time before I could finish all my details. I had wanted to put all the little intricacies of the camera on like all the buttons etc. All I had time to do was the logo, the shoot button, and the back screen! I was kinda sad that I didn't have more time because the decorating is my favorite part! But alas, it was time to get ready for birthday dinner... I guess if I do this one ever again I should leave more than just a couple hours for assembly!

I wanted a picture of food from the blog on the lens and this one seemed to have the best contrast. And it gave me an excuse to see this cute little guy again! I put it under a piece of wax paper to make it look more screen-like.

Unfortunately by the time we ate the cake, we were all quite a few drinks into the evening and didn't really get any pics of us all enjoying it... but it was a good night, a fun cake and I'm pretty sure Dan liked his cake and his present...

Some sites I found on my search for inspiration:


Wow Mandi quite impressive. That black frosting or fondant is tough to make. Great job.

Hey, Mandi, check out my sister's cakes, too:
She's in Danville, Virginia.

Loved the camera cake idea ;-)

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