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Beach BBQ


Today is the coldest, windiest, dreariest day we have had here in Bermuda this winter. Just when I was thinking the weather would turn and we would be at the beach in a few weeks, we get this crazy storm. I had coffee today for the first time in months when I got in to work because the ride was so crazy. Gigantic waves were crashing into the sea wall and splashing upon the road. Gale force winds threatening to toss my bike like a child's toy off of the asphalt and on to the rocks below.

To further warm my body and mind, and remind me that spring IS coming here in Bermuda, I have decided to post some beach BBQ pictures from last year.

I usually make the burgers out of a few different types of ground beef, mixed with whatever would be good in my fridge, but not more than 4 or 5 things. If I had to guess, these burgers are a chuck and sirloin mix, with diced onions, cayenne, little cumin, S+P.

Ahhhhh... secret beach how I love thee. As you traverse down the rocks and get your first glimpse of the area, its amazing every time.

After a few hours of beach frolicking and swimming and drinking, one works up an appetite. So I gets to diggin. Where is the beard? hmm this is from august in bermuda... what do you think? Ps. Look at that tan...impressive.

Throw the coals in the hole. The hole needs to be big enough to let air get to the coals, so you need to find large driftwood to hold the grill.

This is a very serious job, and I treat it as such!

Everything is looking good here.

I forgot a spatula so I am using a paddle ball paddle. At this point, you are probably thinking "Gee wiz Dan, I bet if I were to take a bite of this burger, I'd get a mouth full of sand!!" well guys, out of the 5 people who ate these 5 burgers, only one had ANY sand at all. And she was a mess rolling around in sand all day so I think it was her fault. You just need to be careful, and wash your hands and spatula in the ocean a lot. Also I think the salt water helps season the burgers!


Mandi likes to be the cheeser.

Almost done, put on the buns.

I like a burger that fits nicely in a hand.

That last pic reminded me that when I was messing around with ideas for the site back in October, this was one of the first ideas for part of my banner. Good thing I now have an awesome design team to advise me otherwise!

Anyways, I hope this post helps get people out of the winter and ready for the spring and summer ahead!


yay sister makes her first TFIMB appearance! She’s the coolest person I know! Ange when you gonna come play with us again?? ahhh I look so tan and happy... now I’m dreaming of the beach here at my desk in the awful florescent lighting... thanks for helping me remember the good times soon to come!

good thing u didn't use those snausage fingers 4 your web banner Dan!! Kudos to whoever created the FIMB design :-)
I miss fun times in Bermuda w/ the fun couple. We're gonna come & visit real soon!!!!

Ever heard of sunscreen, people? Ha.

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