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March 2008 Archives

Cookin' Up Some Quack


Today I have a guest post from the design team.  Rich and Kim had a few friends over Rich and Mike's apartment and served them a delicious looking duck dinner.  When a bunch of friends get together like this, it makes me wish I could be back in Boston hanging out with them.  But in a few weeks, I will be making them jealous with weekly beach trips so it isn't so bad.  Rich's comments will be in green, and I might make a few in black.

"Cookin' Up Some Quack"

Kim, Mike, Steph, Alex, Amy, and I were the 6 party people on Friday...  good thing there weren't any more people than that, even though I invited 5 other people who couldn't come.  The amount of food ended up literally being just enough and there was only 1 piece of Duck left over.

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I sneak a, Chicken Tikka, Masala at a gala event


Oh chicken tikka, like spaghetti with meatballs and general Tso before you, you have no cultural reference.  The California roll of Indian cuisine.  Created by an Indian expat in Britain to help western palates adapt to Middle Eastern flavors, Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular "Indian" food around.  Since we hadn't cooked Indian before, we thought it would be a good starting point.  We didn't have much time to cook that night, but this recipe seemed so simple, what I had overlooked was resting and marinating times.  Because of this, our final product was slightly on the bland side but still really delicious. Click below for more

About Me - Interview


For the "about me" section of the website, I decided to have some of my friends interview me via email for the past couple days. This was hard for me because I don't like writing about myself.  Anyways, here is the result.

Since Bermuda only has one fast food restaurant (kfc), which one is your first choice when visiting the states?  What is it that you missed?

Well, I love me a nice McDonalds cheeseburger, we usually get this first because it is usually on the way from the airport to wherever we are heading. But in reality what I miss most is taco bell and Qdoba.  We try and get taco bell 3 times on every trip to the states.  Other then that, I stay away from most fast food.  Trips to the US are basically eating frenzies for us because I miss all the food in the US.  Some restaurants here are really good, but only a handful, and as they get better they get crazy expensive.  The unlimited restaurant cornucopia we get when visiting the states is a bit too much for us to even handle.  I think I gained 8 pounds on my last trip.

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Beach BBQ


Today is the coldest, windiest, dreariest day we have had here in Bermuda this winter.  Just when I was thinking the weather would turn and we would be at the beach in a few weeks, we get this crazy storm.  I had coffee today for the first time in months when I got in to work because the ride was so crazy.  Gigantic waves were crashing into the sea wall and splashing upon the road.  Gale force winds threatening to toss my bike like a child's toy off of the asphalt and on to the rocks below. 

To further warm my body and mind, and remind me that spring IS coming here in Bermuda, I have decided to post some beach BBQ pictures from last year. Click below for the rest of the pics

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Quiz and Shoutout

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone, I was planning on cooking something themed for this day but unfortunately I've been pretty busy and also out of my element working in a foreign kitchen (more on this later).

Just a quick comment, I'm proud to say TFIMB has been featured this week on the threadless website because Mandi was wearing one of their shirts in some pictures.

Because last week was recipe intensive, there won't be as many actual recipes this week, but I have some other stuff planned.  Here is a quiz I made for my friends recently where you need to identify the ingredient or food in each picture.  There are 15 pictures, this one is fairly easy but I may put up "round 2" if people are interested.  This is a good thing to challenge your friends with, and if you like it, check out this candy one I posted earlier.

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Giada De Laurentiis - Short Ribs with Tagliatelle


Note- This is the second pasta recipe in a short period of time.  I have 3 comments:

1.  We love pasta and make it all the time
2.  I am trying to clear out pictures taken with my old camera
3.  Next week has a theme - "Happy Chicken Week" - no pasta there

Anyways, there are a ton of pictures here, but I couldn't narrow them down any further cause this was an awesome night and a great meal.  We cooked for almost 4 hours then watched a foodie movie.  What more can you ask for?

This is a direct recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.  You can find it here on the food network website and in her cookbook "Everyday Pasta."  I am going to explain the recipe as we go today.