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Pad Thai - REVENGE

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We had revenge on pad thai this past weekend. I didn't take as many pictures this time because we had so many good ones last time. Also because once you get going with this dish in the wok, you need to be focused and keep the ingredients coming. If you are serious about trying pad thai, check out chez pim and read her page on it. It may seem long, but you need to read through it to get the idea of how to make this dish really great.

Another note about pad thai sauce. If you have never cooked with these ingredients, you may get grossed out. The design team tried this dish the same night as I did and were gagging the whole time they made the pad thai sauce. Fish sauce is a pretty nasty substance and so is tamarind. They magically come together to form amazingness, how that happens is something I shall never understand.

One reason we were more successful this time is the pressing of the tofu.

And because we actually found tamarind.

This is what we like to call "super happy awesome sauce." we used it in place of the chili powder in chez pim's recipe.

As you can see the tofu browned up nice this time.

Mmmm delicious.

Even the egg rolls look better!

She's classy, that's why I love her.

Best. Lunch. EVER!

1 Comment

You need to work on your presentation skills.. next time put the pad thai in a bowl that's a little smaller than the amount you have and pack it in the bowl. Now place a plate upside down on the bowl and flip and then you have a pretty shape and then just add your garnish. :)

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