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February 2008 Archives

Pad Thai - REVENGE

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We had revenge on pad thai this past weekend.  I didn't take as many pictures this time because we had so many good ones last time.  Also because once you get going with this dish in the wok,  you need to be focused and keep the ingredients coming.  If you are serious about trying pad thai, check out chez pim and read her page on it.  It may seem long, but you need to read through it to get the idea of how to make this dish really great. 

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Pizza Party!


Last Friday, we had a few people over for a pizza party. We made 9 different pizza varieties and fun was had by all. In a month or so, I will be doing a real pizza post, detailing the cooking process, dough, and toppings. For now, I leave you with a few pictures of what the kids call "food porn" complete with the pizza upskirt.

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Candy Lineup

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Some friends of mine pass around quizzes to each other certain days of the week. Yesterday I sent them this quiz and I thought I would share it with you. I got this idea from an episode of Seinfeld where George makes a line up of candy bars to see if a guy can pick out the Twix. That is why there are a few different candies on here that also relate to Seinfeld episodes.

Click below to see the 18 Pictures and try to name all of the candy. Don't scroll too far down because the answer key is at the bottom. Send this out as an email to your friends and challenge them.

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Jamie Oliver - Pappardelle with a Ragu of Tiny Meatballs

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This past Sunday afternoon I had a big plan to make stock. Unfortunately I hadn't checked my bank account in a few days and when I was about to leave to buy the supplies I realized there was no chance. I quickly flipped through Mandi's new Jamie Oliver cookbook thinking pasta would be delicious and knowing we had eggs and flour so the actual noodle part would be free. I found an extremely simple recipe for pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce. This intrigued me because I suddenly realized that I follow all sorts of recipes for all types of food, but when I make spaghetti and meatballs I always just do my same variation on my mother / grandmother's recipe. Something new might be fun. Click below for recipe.

Failure - Pad Thai


It happens to everyone. Some days you just shouldn't be in the kitchen. There are signs all around telling you it isn't a good idea, but when you are really excited to cook you sometimes ignore them. Last Friday Mandi and I had BIG plans to make Pad Thai. We have been trying to eat less meat lately so we thought this would be a great meal because you can use tofu as the main protein. We have made a few different Thai dishes including a green curry so we thought this wouldn't be a problem at all. Click below and see why it was.

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You say Chili, I say Ice Cream

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On Sunday afternoon I was making some Chile-Chocolate Ice Cream. Rich emailed me saying that he and Kim were making Chili with vanilla in it. I really thought it was weird that we were making exact opposite foods. Click below for the story...

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New Year's Eve 2007


This past New Years, about 30 of my friends got together and rented a ski house in Maine. A great time was had by all and there was only one trip to the emergency room! We were there for almost a week but the real party was on New Years Eve. That morning, Mandi, Kim, Amy, and me got up early (11) and took the half hour trek to the nearest grocery store. We began planning the hors d'oeuvres for the party that night. We collectively made over 9 different things throughout the night including teriyaki chicken pineapple skewers and jalapeno cheese bacon awesomeness but only 4 are shown here. Click below to see the food.

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